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You are welcome to invite guests to accompany you to enjoy a day at our private members' Pool.

Any ‘local guest' who lives in New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Chatham Township or Summit is limited to a total of 3 visits to The Pool each season, regardless of which NPCP Member brings them to The Pool. We encourage all local guests to consider their own membership at The Pool. 

There is no visit limit for your 'non-local’ guests if they live outside of these four towns.  

Members must purchase passes at the door for guests.  Purchases may be made via cash or credit card:

  •  Weekdays: $18. Free entry for children under 3 years of age.

  •  Weekends and Public Holidays: $20.

  •  After 5:00pm any day: $10.

Each guest is required to register at the pool entrance at every visit, show photo identification and sign a guest waiver. 

For guests under 18 years of age: the guest waiver must be signed by their legal guardian and a responsible adult is required to complete their registration at the pool entrance and accompany them.  The guest policy is for the safety and security of our members and guests and applies to guests of all ages.

Any NPCP Members found to be intentionally misrepresenting their membership will not be tolerated and risks having their Membership revoked and not refunded.  As NPCP is a private, not-for-profit organization, run by members, for members, we rely on the integrity of our Members to ensure everyone contributes fairly to enjoy the benefits of their pool membership and ensure the continued financial viability of the The Pool.

Please contact regarding summer camp, field trip and other large group visits.  

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