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The New Providence Community Pool was founded in 1961 and is now considered “The Country Club” of community pools.  Everyone is welcome to join New Providence Community Pool.  The Pool is a not-for-profit organization, 100% funded by its members and pool activities (no town funding) and is managed by a team of volunteer trustees.

Our mission is to provide our residents with a variety of aquatic activities that are safe and enjoyable in a clean and wholesome environment. These activities will contribute to the mental and physical health of the community and to its economic and social wellbeing.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • Community Needs: Regularly evaluate unrealized aquatic recreational needs of the community and work to meet these, keeping in mind budgetary and other resource constraints. Work to provide for future generations and to enhance the use of existing facilities.

  • Facility Improvement Program: Development of an improvement plan which focuses on energy savings, safety, and expanded usability.

  • Fiscal Sustainability: Development of strategies to ensure the long-term financial strength of swimming pool facility and programs.

  • Diverse Programing: Provide a variety of aquatic recreational experiences. Meet the recreational needs of all ages, physical conditions and lifestyles by providing appropriate programs to serve the needs of the community.

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