New Providence Resident members pay an upfront ‘Capital Contribution’ and then a reduced annual membership rate over the life of their membership.  


Non-New Providence Residents are not required to pay a Capital Contribution and therefore their annual membership rates are higher to account for this.


New Non-New Providence Residents must submit a letter of sponsorship, from a New Providence resident pool member in good standing, their initial year and may only register by mail, phone or in person.  If you do not know a New Providence Member you can email The Board of Trustees directly for sponsorship.

Updated 2020 Rates

Non-New Providence Residents Annual Membership Fees:

**We are happy to offer a special discounted membership rate during  ‘SPLASH SALE WEEK’

** MONDAY 15 JUNE – SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2020**

Regular membership rates apply from June 22, 2020


Family Membership= **$735/$834

Adult couple and their unmarried children under 22

Two-person Household Membership = **$599/$679
Two adults residing together, or one adult and their unmarried child under 22 years

Single Membership = **$479/$544

Individual 8th grade graduate and/or 14 years or older


Extra Person Residing with the Family = not available
Any additional person residing in the household.  Proof of residence required.


Senior Citizen Membership = not available

62 years and older.  Proof of age required.


Nanny Membership = **$365/$414

Add-on to appropriate membership above.  Nanny accompanies children on weekdays only.


Guest passes: no guest entry (including birthday parties) will be allowed during 2020 season.

Guest passes purchased in 2019 or 2020 will be available for use in 2021.


Any NPCP Members found to be intentionally misrepresenting their membership or guest category will not be tolerated and risk having their Membership revoked and not refunded.  As NPCP is a private, not-for-profit organization, run by members, for members, we rely on the integrity of our Members to ensure everyone contributes fairly to enjoy the benefits of their pool membership and ensure the continued financial viability of the The Pool.


Paying your Annual Membership Fees

STEP 1: Payment is made online using CommunityPass electronic payment tool.  NPCP specifically uses the New Providence CommunityPass site.  Please note: If you already have a CommunityPass account from another organization or community (eg Berkeley Heights CommunityPass), please use your existing CommunityPass username and password to also log into New Providence CommunityPass; you will not need to create another CommunityPass account. 

You MUST merge all your CommunityPass accounts (New Providence account and account from other towns) if the password and usernames are different.  Make sure you know the username and password to all your accounts prior to starting the merging process.  If you are unsure of your user information, contact .  Login with the username that you want to keep (from any town account), go to “Update Account” and then click “Family merge” on the left.  Follow instructions to merge.  Please make sure that you choose “New Providence CommunityPass”

If you have never used CommunityPass before, select ‘Create an Account’.


For returning NPCP members, remember to use your previous season’s New Providence CommunityPass account– do not create a new account.


For general questions contact

For technical questions contact  if 1) you are not sure you have more than one account, or 2) you have never paid online for previous years’ membership, but wish to do so this year, as our administrative staff may have created an online CommunityPass account for you already.  

STEP 2: Select the appropriate membership category under “Community Pool – YYYY”.  Make sure all members of your family are associated with a pool membership category, otherwise they will not be registered as pool members.

STEP 3: Review your membership category on the last page, prior to payment.

If you are unable to register and pay online: complete this membership form Non-New Providence Resident's Registration Form, pay by check or credit card at The Pool Admin Office or mail into ‘New Providence Community Pool and Recreation, Inc., P.O. Box 744, New Providence, NJ 07974’. The Pool administrators will create a New Providence CommunityPass account on your behalf (or use the existing one from prior years).  Remember to include your address and email details on the back of the check/form so your CommunityPass account information, receipt, and notifications can be sent to your email.  To take advantage of the early payment membership discount rates, payment must be received or postmarked within the appropriate discount rate time frame in order for that discount to apply.  If not, the membership will need to be withdrawn and re-registered for payment at the appropriate current rate.


All transactions are final and refunds will not be issued.  If there is a medical condition that prohibits a member from using the pool, a doctor's note must be presented to The NPCP Board of Trustees for review.  If the request is approved t he refund will be made by check only, regardless of original payment method and will be subjected to a processing fee.


1378 Springfield Avenue

New Providence, NJ 07974


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