General Rules & Regulations


1)  All members and their guests must conform to these rules and regulations. Members and their guests must also follow pool staff instructions and requests. Any misunderstandings or objections should be brought to the attention of the pool management staff. Interpretation and enforcement of all rules shall be at the discretion of the pool management staff.

2)  The “pool area,” for the purpose of these rules, means the fenced-in area enclosing the pool facility and the parking area.

3)  All persons using the pool facilities do so at their own risk. The Pool Corporation will not be responsible for any accident or injury or loss of personal property.

4)  Members or guests who damage, misuse, or abuse pool property or other property on pool premises will be liable for the cost of the damage involved and may be subject to permanent suspension from the pool and/or criminal prosecution.


Members and Guests


1)  No one will be admitted without: a) a verified active membership; or b) being accompanied—throughout their entire visit by, and as a guest of—an appropriately-aged member who is actively enrolled in the NPCP database (as defined in rule 6 under this section). Membership is non-transferable.

2)  As part of the membership entry, each member aged three (3) and over will be enrolled into our fingerscan database by having his/her two index fingers (or substitute fingers) initially scanned. At each visit thereafter, members will place either of their enrolled fingers on the entry scanner to verify active membership and to gain access to the pool area. All members must be enrolled into the fingerscan database or must be willing to have their photo taken and stored in the NPCP database for verification at each visit. Until they are appropriately enrolled in the fingerscan or photo database, members must pay the applicable guest fee to gain entry each day they visit the pool facility.

3)  All members who have not been active for more than three years will be deleted automatically from the pool membership and fingerscan/photo databases. Active members may also request to be deleted from the fingerscan database at any point during the season. However, upon deletion, those members must have their photo taken for enrollment into the photo database.

4)  Members who have reached the age of 10 are eligible to take a proficiency test to establish their ability to swim capably. Upon successful completion of the swim test and signed parental approval, they will be provided a special designation and they may be admitted to the pool alone. Members 12 and under, who have not passed the swimming proficiency test, must be accompanied by a person 16 year of age or older at all times while on pool premises. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the pool management.

5)  Children under 10 are eligible to use the diving boards without direct supervision by a parent/adult guardian upon successful completion of a swim/dive test offered daily in the diving area. Specific identification, which must be worn at all times when using the diving boards, will be provided to those children who pass the test.

6)  All guests must be accompanied by a pool member at all times during their visit and must have a valid guest pass in order to gain admission. Guests and accompanying members must register at the entry desk. Children’s guests are permitted as follows:

a)  Members 12 years of age and under who have not passed the swim test may bring only guests 16 years of age or older;

b)  Members who have passed the swimming proficiency test and those 13-15 years of age may bring guests 13 years of age or older; and

c)  Members 16 years of age and older may bring guests of any age.


Health and Hygiene

1) Use of the all-purpose pool shall be limited to children age 6 and under who are accompanied by an adult. All children who are not fully toilet trained must wear disposable swim diapers covered by plastic pants at all times. For the convenience of the members, swim diapers and reusable plastic pants are available in all sizes at the manager’s office for $1.00.

2)  Children. who are not fully toilet trained will not be permitted in the upper or lower pool at any time. Any family that allows a child who is not fully toilet trained to enter the upper or lower pool shall be issued a warning for the first occasion. Subsequent occasions will lead to suspension of the family’s swimming privileges for a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the pool management.

3)  In order to assure proper hygiene, pool shoes are not permitted in any pool at any time unless a physician’s note is first filed at the manager’s office. Approved pool shoes may be used only in the pool and not for walking around the facility.

4)  Any person showing evidence of skin disease, sore inflamed eyes, colds, cough, anal or ear discharge, or any communicable disease, excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts or bandages, may be refused admission to the pool area. Individuals who have experienced episodes of diarrhea and/or vomiting should refrain from entering the pool for at least 48 hours since their latest episode to protect the membership.

5)  NPCP is a smoke-free environment. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the pool management, with longer penalties for each recurrence of this violation.

6)  In order to prevent insect and rodent problems, all food shall be served and consumed within the picnic area only, including baby food and snacks. All open food containers shall be restricted to the picnic area and trash is to be thrown away before leaving the picnic area. Examples of items not permitted in the pool area include, but are not limited to, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, sodas, and energy drinks. Water in clear plastic containers is encouraged. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined by the pool management staff, with potentially longer penalties for each recurrence of this violation.  

7)  It is recommended that all persons take a cleansing shower before entering the pools. Any person using the basketball facilities must shower before entering the pools.

8)  No inflatable toys and/or water paraphernalia will be permitted in the pool area, except under direct supervision of the pool staff on specified days.

9)  Appropriate swim attire (i.e., bathing suits only) must be worn while in the pool. Shorts and other non-swimwear are not permitted in the pool at any time. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the pool management.

Pool Safety

1)  Members must refrain from conversations with lifeguards while the guards are sitting in chair or otherwise on-duty.

2)  Two long whistle blasts from any lifeguard indicates an emergency situation. When this occurs, all pools must be cleared immediately and members are expected to follow the instructions of the pool management and staff. Emergency drills will be held periodically during the pool season.

3)  Members are not permitted to sunbathe or place chairs within five feet of the pool edge, except in designated areas with canopy coverings.

4)  Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately removed from the pool premises.

5)  No skateboards or rollerblades are permitted in the pool area at any time. Bicycle riders must ride carefully in the parking and poolhouse approach areas and use designated racks for storing their bicycles.

6)  Running, as well as pushing, wrestling, fighting, splashing, horseplay, pail fighting, throwing others into the pool, shoulder rides, diving masks, snorkels, and/or causing undue disturbance, or any behavior which may be dangerous or which interferes with the comfort and safety of others anywhere in or around the pool area, is prohibited. No balls are allowed in the upper pool; only small spongy pool balls are allowed in the lower pool unless suspended by pool management due to overcrowding or abuse of this privilege. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the pool management, with longer penalties for each recurrence of this violation.

7)  Sitting, repeated bouncing, walking back and forth, cartwheels, and/or handstands on the diving boards is prohibited. The person ahead of you must jump off the board before you begin climbing the ladder to the board, and they must touch the ladder for climbing out of the pool before you begin walking on the board. No goggles are to be worn while using the diving boards.

8)  Only children 10 years of age and under are allowed on the playground equipment. Throwing sand is prohibited. A parent/adult guardian must accompany and supervise children when they are using the playground area at all times. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined by pool management.


1)  Private swimming and/or diving lessons may be given only by NPCP personnel and/or as authorized by the Pool Manager.

2)  Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. Entry into the lap lanes for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the loss of pool privileges for the entire family for a period of time to be determined by pool management.

3)  Only music devices with personal headphones are permitted.

4)  No animals except for service animals are allowed in the pool area.

5)  The Manager may close the pool or facilities at any time when, in his/her judgment, conditions might jeopardize the safety of those using the pool.

6)  The Pool Corporation reserves the right to adopt additional or supplemental rules. These will be posted throughout the pool facility will be strictly enforced at all times.

Water Slide Rules and Regulations

1)  Minimum height to use the slide is 48 inches or 44 inches having passed the Dive Test.

2)  Maximum weight to use the slide is 250 pounds.

3)  Riders must be able to swim to use the slide.

4)  Only one person may use the slide at a time.

5.) Riders must wait at the bottom of the stairs until the current user enters the water.

6)  Riders must wait until the splashdown area is clear to use the slide.

7)  Riders must go down the slide feet first with legs together while sitting or laying back.

8)  Riders must keep hands and arms inside the flume at all times.

9)  Riders must clear the splashdown area immediately upon entering the water.

10)  Stopping inside the flume is not permitted.

11)  Loose clothing, exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, and metal ornamentation are not permitted.

12)  Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions or back problems are not permitted.

13)  Riders use the slide at their own risk.

All decisions by NPCP personnel relating to use of the slide are both binding and final.


Lap Lane Rules and Regulations

1)  Lap lanes are designed for use by lap swimmers of all ages.

2)  Lap swimmers must swim complete and uninterrupted laps at all times while using the lap lanes; lap swimmers, particularly younger or more inexperienced swimmers, may not pause in the middle of a lap to hang on the lane line.

3)  Swimmers may rest for a short period of time at either end of the lap lanes; excessive periods of rest are not allowed.

Assigned Lanes

Lanes are to be allocated as diagrammed and posted at the pool facility.


Diving to enter the lap lanes is permitted only from the deep end of the lap lanes and only when other swimmers in the lane are not within 5 meters of the wall, which is marked by the backstroke flags hanging over the pool; repetitive diving (i.e., diving in, swimming to the side, climbing out, and diving again) is not allowed in any lane, although swimmers wishing to practice diving may do so in Lane 6 only by diving into the deep end, swimming a complete lap, climbing out, walking around, and repeating the process.


The use of all swim gear and training aids, including but not limited to kickboards, fins, pull buoys, and paddles, is permitted in all lap lanes as long as the equipment is being used for its intended purpose; failure to use equipment properly will result in loss of the privilege to use such equipment for a first offense and loss of all lap lane privileges for any subsequent offense.

1)  Lap lanes are not intended for individual use and are meant to be shared; lap swimmers may enter any eligible lane (refer to “Assigned Lanes” above) at any time, although discretion should be exercised when entering lanes as discussed below.

2)  Before entering a lane already occupied by one or more swimmers, the person entering must first get the attention of all swimmers already using that lane to alert them that another individual will be joining them.

3)  When a lane is to be occupied by a total of two (2) swimmers, they may either follow circle swimming etiquette as discussed below, or they may choose to split the lane such that each swimmer stays on his or her half at all times. The determination as to how to utilize the lane space is to be made through discussion between lap swimmers when the second person joins the lane; if the individuals disagree regarding the manner in which to divide the lane space, they will adhere to the convention of staying on their individual sides of the lane until either one leaves the lane or a third person joins the lane, in which case circle swimming must be implemented.

4)  When a lane is to be occupied by a total of three (3) or more swimmers, they are expected to follow circle swimming etiquette, outlined as follows:

  • Swimmers must always stay to the right so laps are swum in a counterclockwise direction.

  • Slower swimmers must defer to faster swimmers by allowing them to pass at the end of the lap on which they are

  • caught from behind; faster swimmers are expected to wait until the end of a lap to pass slower swimmers.

  • As new swimmers join lap lanes, both faster and slower swimmers should consider moving to a lane with swimmers of more comparable speed and ability when necessary to facilitate smoother swimming.

5)  When entering a lane, a swimmer is expected to join a lane occupied by swimmers of comparable speed and ability.

6)  Lap swimmers are expected to limit their time in the lap lanes to a maximum of one hour.

Playground Rules and Regulations

1)  Adult supervision of children using the playground is required at all times.

2)  The playground is limited for use of children 10 years-old and under.

3)  After exiting the playground all patrons must rinse off any sand in the showers.

4)  Sand must remain in the playground area.

5)  All equipment must be used properly.

6)  Throwing sand is prohibited.



By accepting your membership, you as the applicant, as well as others you list on your application, or any guest you bring to the facility, agree to release and hold harmless the New Providence Community Pool from any injuries resulting from the use of pool facilities. The applicant and all those listed on their application further agree to comply fully with the rules of the New Providence Community Pool, and to be responsible for and ensure the compliance of any guest they bring to the facility, with penalties for non-compliance ranging from member restrictions to full membership revocation.

Amended—May 2016